Announcing 4 new shields + Tasker integration + Partnership with Codebender

Okay you probably know that if you updated the app after September the 10th, let’s start with the first shield:

Text-To-Speech Shield

This shield will let your Arduino board talk to you, send text from your sketch and it will be read out loud for you through the smart phone’s speaker. Now you can make your robots talk back! 

Check out this video of a DIY navigation device built by one of our great makers in Egypt! 

He simply used two ultrasonic sensors, Arduino Uno and 1Sheeld to avoid obstacles and hear the directions from his phone, check the full instructable here.

Voice Recognition Shield 

This shield will allow you to control your Arduino using voice commands with just a couple of lines added to your sketch, you can trigger it to control a robot or talk to your home appliances!

Data Logger Shield 

This shield will allow you to log data from your Arduino to a CSV file on your smart phone. You can log any type of data like sensors values and events then view the logged file as a normal spreadsheet on your computer.

Terminal Shield 

This shield will turn your smart phone into a serial terminal like the one available in the Arduino IDE, you can send and receive data right from the app. It works as a great debugging tool by the way.

Tell us what you think and share with us what you will make with these new shields and don’t forget to download the latest version of our Arduino library from our website to be able to use these new shields. 🙂

Tasker Integration 

We are also happy to announce that we integrated the 2 promised Tasker plugins (A condition and an Action plugins). If you have the latest app version (v1.1.2) you will find our app’s icon in the plugins section in Tasker app. Now, you create actions that is triggered from 1Sheeld or control 1Sheeld’s pins when a Tasker event happen. We are making a tutorial regarding that soon so stayed tuned to our website.

Partnership with

We partnered with our friends at Codebender, now you code online without having to download Arduino IDE or the library!  
Codebender is an awesome editor, fast cloud based compiler and helpful in error reporting, connect your Arduino/Arduino compatible board via USB and program it right from your browser. You can share your work, search for existing projects and clone them, or collaborate with others.
You can check more details at, here’s an example of the code:

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