Top 7 Arduino Accelerometer Projects made using 1Sheeld

Adding motion as an input for your project is going to be so much fun! You can do this by using an Accelerometer Module that measures acceleration in three linear axes (X, Y, Z) and then you can translate it into actions. Today, our topic is all about Arduino Accelerometer projects.

In fact, Arduino Accelerometer Shield is one of 1Sheeld sensor shields that uses your smartphone built-in accelerometer and gives you exact position values.

Learn more about 1Sheeld by checking this getting started tutorial. Also, for more details about Arduino Accelerometer check out this video.

Whether you are here searching for inspiration or looking for more information to start, let’s take a look at seven of the best Arduino Accelerometer projects made using 1Sheeld!

1- Control your AR drone with 1Sheeld

Team OMEGA D2 had built this project including AR Drone, 2 Arduino Mega boards, 2 XBee modules and of course 1Sheeld!


Using this combination, they could measure some parameters like altitude, speed, GPS position, acceleration, and also orientation. They sent real-time data measured by the smartphone to a PC. They also used the camera to capture some fantastic aerial pictures!

Check out this video to watch the drone in action!


2- Control your fan with a gesture!

This project is one of the most innovative Arduino Accelerometer projects. By building this project, you are one step closer to automating your home! Control your fan easily through your smartphone and by hacking your home plug with Arduino!

With the help of a relay board, you can control this outlet via your Arduino and 1Sheeld.

Make sure to follow the tutorial while building this project, but first, test it before applying it on your home plug.

Check out this tutorial video by 1Sheeld


3- Unlock Your Door with a Hand Gesture

This project is similar to the recent one, but instead, you will control the lock of the door with the help of a servo motor.

All you have to do is to define a gesture and let the servo motor move once you do it!

It is a pretty simple application, but according to the project’s maker Adham, all comments and upgrades are welcomed and encouraged!

Check the video here:


4- Land your CanSat perfectly with 1Sheeld!

CanSat is an educational kit that simulates an actual satellite. With a package size of a soft drink can, students are encouraged to design and implement a minimal system in space technology field. This project is about controlling the landing of the CanSat and recording the data it measures while going down.

Fatima chose 1Sheeld as the all-in-one sensor unit of the satellite and used more than one shield including Accelerometer and Data Logger and some more.

Worth mentioning that this project had won the Fourth Place in Smartphone Hacks Challenge by Hackster.

Note the landing in this short demo!


5- Remote control your Arduino vehicle using 1Sheeld

This project aims at controlling the direction and speed of the vehicle via 1Sheeld Accelerometer Shield. It includes the following parts: Arduino powered vehicle platform, power, ultrasonic range finder, and finally Arduino plus 1Sheeld.


Thanks to the accelerometer sensor, you can hold, lean forward, lean backward and roll your smartphone in order to stop, move forward, move backward and steer your vehicle respectively. Note that, more you lean, it gets faster.

The complete tutorial is available on Instructables with details, check it out!


6- Real-time positioning using 1Sheeld and 3ds Max

Team Science Camp had built a project to make accurate positioning device by only using Arduino,1Sheeld and 3ds Max!

By only moving your smartphone in any direction, you will have a precise input position for your 3D object, thanks to the accelerometer sensor.

In addition, you can start a movement trajectory using your smartphone and it will be instantly mimicked in your 3ds Max. This feature can be included in multiple applications that require motion transmission.

Check out this demo video by Science Camp:


7- Controlled Board Eraser

This simple project will erase the whiteboard for you! Adding two DC motors and 1Sheeld to the magnetic board eraser is enough to make this real.

In order to move the automatic eraser, you should tilt your smartphone to the direction you want. You can move it up by tilting your hand to the front direction, to make Y parameter less than -5. Also, you can move it right if you tilted your phone to the right till the X parameter less than -6. And also, it applies to down and left directions.

This will make erasing the whiteboard joyful and effortless! Check out all details about the Automatic Eraser on the project page on Hackster.

Finally, that was a brief of coolest seven Arduino Accelerometer projects! Hope this was an inspiration for you to start your next project! Share with us your ideas and if you have done recently an amazing project with Arduino Accelerometer Shield.

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