Arduino Plant Watering System (Arduino Home Hacks #3)

Arduino Plant Watering System
Welcome to our home automation hacks series #3, for so many times I had problems with watering my plants while traveling abroad and I have always needed a way to control it remotely, then I decided to do it with one of the fanciest ways you may ever hear off, cause I’m gonna water my plant using Twitter, that’s right, I’m gonna make an Arduino Plant Watering System using the Arduino Twitter Shield. So let’s start with

1- Arduino Plant Watering System Components

1- Arduino Uno
2- 1Sheeld
3- Relay board
4- Arduino Water pump
5- Female to Male jumpers
6- USB cable
7- Smartphone
8- Screwdriver
9- Plant Pot
10- DC Adaptor

You can find all these components at most of the electronics stores in your city, except the Plant Pot of course 🙂

2- Connections

The circuit is so simple, you only have one component that needed to be connected to 1Sheeld which is the water pump. And as it only operates on 12v which the Arduino board can’t provide so we needed an extra relay board to make our circuits separator.

It will separate our power circuit “12v adaptor” from the control circuit having the Arduino and 1Sheeld to power up the water pump with sufficient power and at the same time, protecting the Arduino board from the high voltage coming from the adaptor.

3- Code

Here’s the full working code. The code is checking all the tweets being tweeted over the globe since you run the code. And once a tweet detected with the targeted phrase, the Arduino water pump which is connected to pin #13 will be turned on for two seconds.

4- Testing

Arduino Plant Watering System

1- Now plug your Arduino to your PC/Laptop and upload the code (make sure first to put your 1Sheeld to uploading mode preventing errors).
2- Open the 1Sheeld application and connect to 1Sheeld board.
3- Now switch back the 1Sheeld to “Operating mode”.
4- Choose Twitter shield, and check make sure you have an internet connection.
5- Now open any twitter account on any device and tweet and tweet but should include this phrase “watermyplants”.
6- And the Arduino water pump will work for 2 seconds.

That was it, try it out yourself and if you need any help, just let me know in the comments down below. The third hack is done, stay tuned for the fourth and don’t forget to check the previous hacks in the links below 😉

#1 Control home lights with your voice
#2 Control a fan with smartphone gesture

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