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Arduino Projects for Beginners


The trend in technology is progressively moving towards a connected devices world. Computing is going to become more pervasive. It’s not just going to be limited only to mobile phones and PCs. And innovation in this regard won’t be driven by large organization, but by entrepreneurs able to experiment cost-effectively employing platforms such as Arduino.

The Arduino projects discussed in this article are effective for early to intermediate programming level, and technical knowledge. The project ideas ought to provide you a deep knowledge of the potential of this flexible platform, plus perhaps provide you some inspiration which may propel you to enter into the device technology world.

A Connected Thermostat

One remarkable Arduino feature is the energetic and innovativecommunity of designers plus enthusiasts who create parts which may be mixed as well as matched upon Arduino platform. One such organization is called Adafruit. Utilizing an Adafruit sensor, together with an LCD display, you may design some simple thermostat module which is able to control the home, while being connected to computer that unlocks different interesting


For example, a connected thermostat may, among other features, pull data or information from a calendar utility such as Google Calendar to help you schedule temperature settings of your house. This makes sure energy is saved if the house is not occupied.

Home Automation

These system might be an expensive addition to your house. However Arduino lets enterprising people build one for some fraction of that cost. For instance, with IR sensor the Arduino may be programmed to receive signals from a rarely used remote control that you may be having idling around. Utilizing low cost x10 module, signals may be sent safely over an AC power lines in order to control different appliances plus lighting at a simple touch of a button.

Digital Combination Lock

Arduino lets you to quite easily replicatedigital combination lock safes functionality which you find in several hotel rooms. With some keypad used to accept input, plus actuator to control locking mechanism, you may place some digital clock on any part of your house. However, this should not be limited to doors since it could be added as security measure to appliances, devices, computers, and any sorts of objects. Together with a Wi-Fi shield, your mobile phone may be utilized as the keypad, letting you to securely lock and unlock your doors just from your phone.>

Phone-Controlled Electronics

Apart from utilizing your mobile phone to lock plus unlock things, Arduino may let you exercise finer control, from your phone, over the physical world.

Both Android and iOS have several interfaces which allow, from your mobile device, some fine-grain control of Arduino. However, a remarkable recent evolution is the interface which is developed between Arduino and telecom startup Twilio. Using Twilio, you now can use 2-way SMS messages to issue commands, plus receive status updates just from connected devices. Even landline phones may be utilized as interface employing the touch-tone system. You can imagine sending a SMS to your

house commanding it to switch off the air conditioner when you did not remember to do so before leaving your house!

Internet Motion Sensor

Finally, it is worth noting that Arduino lets simple interface to internet services. Utilizing a passive infra-red sensor, you may create some motion sensor utilizing Arduino which is going to interface with internet. Using open source, for instance Twitter API, the unit may send some tweet out, alerting you to a visitor at your front door. Phone interfaces, as with previous example, may also be used in sending SMS alerts when there’s a detection of motion.


The above mentioned Arduino Projects only scratch the surface of the versatile or flexible platform, offering some of the things which may be done. Some major ones in the connected device world are in the pipeline in future. These encourage more individuals to join this innovative and energetic open community, and start experimenting with Arduino.

arduino projects

arduino projects