Egypt Arduino Makers Competition

About the competition

Egypt Arduino Makers Competition is the first of it’s kind in Egypt, we want to encourage making projects with Arduino and smart phones using 1Sheeld.
If you have an innovative idea in the field of robotics, home automation, quadcopters, industrial control, or anything that can be implemented using Arduino boards, then make sure to apply and show the world the power of Egyptian makers!

With 1Sheeld you can easily get access to a variety of Arduino shields, you can sense the environment and grab the data with the sensor shields, trigger the Arduino and communicate remotely with it using the communication shields, use the smart phone touch screen and capabilities with Arduino with the special shields, and have fun on Facebook or twitter with the social media shields.

If you have the option to use GPS, Mic, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, pressure, light, temperature, proximity, and gravity sensors with Arduino what will you sense?
If you have Skype, Phone, E-mail, SMS shields what will you do?
If you have Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare connected to your Arduino, how will you use them?
If you have voice recognition, text to speech, camera, music player, LCD and clock shields, what will be your project?

Imagine you have access to all of the above with only 1Sheeld! Leverage the power of your smart phone and use the power of 1 line of code to build big things!

The challenge is to create your project, upload it on and let the community decide who is the winner!
The project with the highest number of views, favorites and Youtube shares wins! The score is calculated as follows (No. of views on Instructables + 10*No. of favorites on Instructables + 5*No. of Youtube views).

If your project wins, you will win a cash prize of EGP 1,000 and a maker kit that includes (Arduino Mega board + 1Sheeld + temperature sensor + light sensor + LEDs, buttons and a breadboard).

For more information, visit our booth at the Egyptian Engineering Day on September 10th and 11th, and attend the info. session at Fablab Egypt, on September 17th at 7 pm.

How to participate?

1. Submit your project idea in this application before September 23rd 6 pm Cairo time.
2. Our team will filter the ideas and we will assign a coordinator for each project.
3. If your idea is accepted, you will be assigned a coordinator for technical and non-technical support.
4. Work on your project and document all steps with photos and videos, our team will guide you in documenting your instructable.
5. Finish your project and upload it on on Saturday October 11th 6 pm Cairo time.
6. The project with the highest score by Saturday October 18th 6 pm Cairo time, will win the makers kit + the cash prize.


1. Projects uploaded on instructables must be uploaded on Saturday October 11th starting 6pm, any projects submitted before that will be disqualified from the competition.

2. Projects must use at least one of the following shields on 1Sheeld: (Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Orientation, Mic, Pressure, Light, Temperature, GPS, Magnetometer, Gravity, Proximity, Buzzer, Gamepad, Keypad, Keyboard, Phone, SMS, Email, Skype, Notifications, Camera, Music player, Clock, LCD, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, Voice recognition, Text to speech, Terminal, Data logger).

Frequently asked questions

1. I have a graduation project, can I apply with it?
Yes of course! connect it to 1Sheeld and go ahead.

2. Do I need to buy 1Sheeld to participate?
No, you can work on 1Sheeld at Fablab Egypt or Alexandria hackerspace for free, you just have to arrange with your coordinator.

3. Can I participate with a team?
Yes, teamwork always gets better output :).

4. Will you provide any Arduino training? 
No, there are a lot of Arduino workshops being held at Fablab Egypt and a lot of online resources to learn from, we will assist you in writing the instructable and presenting it in a well designed format.

5. What can I build with 1Sheeld?
Sky is the limit! Anything from controlling robots to home automation applications to ROVs to quadcopters …etc. use the voice recognition to give orders to your robot, or send notifications to your smartphone on a certain action, or sense the environment around you.

6. What is the prize?
The winner gets a cash prize of EGP 1,000 + a maker kit that includes (Arduino Mega board + 1Sheeld + temperature sensor + light sensor + LEDs, buttons and a breadboard).

7. How do I submit my idea on instructables?
You can login on via Facebook or Twitter and submit your projects, make sure you document every step with all the details so your description will assist others in making your project in the future. Our team will guide you in documenting your instructable.

8. What is the judging criteria?
The project with the highest number of views, favorites and Youtube shares wins! The score is calculated as follows (No. of views on Instructables + 10*No. of favorites on Instructables + 5*No. of Youtube views).

9. In case I want to buy a 1Sheeld, where can I buy it from?
1Sheeld is available for sale at Fablab Egypt and Alexandria hackerspace.

10. Can I apply with more than 1 project?
Yes you can! but you need to focus on their quality of writing and documenting your instructable.

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