• Make Projects

    Build projects using Arduino and 1Sheeld

  • Write Tutorials

    Write technical tutorials and blog posts

  • Translate Content

    Translate technical tutorials and blog posts

  • Become an Affiliate

    Sell 1Sheeld products and earn commission

Make Projects

Build projects with Arduino and 1Sheeld and showcase your work. Projects can be under the category of home automation, internet of things, robotics, or any field of your choice. You can work on simple projects, as simple as controlling an RC car with your smartphone, or you can build complex projects, like putting a smartphone on a drone! Your work will be added to the projects section on our website, at 1sheeld.com/projects.

Write Tutorials and Blogs

Write technical tutorials on how to use 1Sheeld. Tutorials can be as simple as how to receive an SMS on Arduino using the SMS shield, or you can write a complex tutorial, like how to use 1Sheeld with IFTTT. After you finish your tutorial, it can be posted on our website at 1Sheeld.com/tutorials, or you can post them on your own website. You can also write technical and non-technical blogs, and they will be published on our official blog page, at 1Sheeld.com/blog.

Translate Content

Translate technical tutorials, blogs and projects from English to different languages. We are looking for engineers, makers and hobbyists to translate from English into Spanish, German, Italian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and many more languages. You need to be aware of the technical expressions and terminologies used while translating technical content. Translated tutorials and projects will be featured on our website and can be uploaded on your own website.

Become an Affiliate

If you have a personal blog or a network of friends who are interested in building projects with Arduino, you can recommend 1Sheeld to them. You will be given a discount promo code at our online store, that can be used by your friends so they can get 1Sheeld products at a lower price, and you get a sales commission every time your code is used. You can write tutorials or post projects with 1Sheeld on your own personal blog, website or even your Facebook account, and give your readers access to the promo code. The more the code is used the more you will get sales commission.