How to use ThingSpeak through the Internet Shield to log your data graphically

A couple of days ago, we have released the Internet Shield, welcome to the IoT World!!. The shield has many features to facilitate to the users to access websites or internet APIs to perform get, post, put or delete HTTP requests.

Here is a simple example to log a temperature readings from “LM-35” sensor on ThingSpeak site. So I can check these data from any where around the world.

Thing Speak

First of all, If you aren’t familiar with ThingSpeak, its fine you can get to there website and learn more about it. Basically, it is a great tool used for IoT to let devices as Arduino talk to each other. Here is some screen shots to register on the site.



Press “Get Started Now”




Enter your User name, Email and Password.






Click “New Channel”




You can change the name of the channel and write a description for it.




Here you can visualize your data graphically.





You will find your API key that is used to read or write data



The above 2 links used to update the data or read the past results, actually we will use one of them for sending data

“” ,, but each time we will change field1 to the value of the temperature sensor value as illustrated in the code below.


Arduino Sketch

As shown here, the code is so simple. Firstly, we have declared the request with thing speak API. You should enter your key in the add parameter function in the void setup. In the Loop, all we have to do is to get the value of the temperature sensor and then convert from float to array of char and then add it to the URL of the request as a parameter. Finally, we can now perform get for our request to update the new value to our channel and we can see this value on the graph for your channel on thing speak.


Here is a screen shot for the test I have made.




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