Top 5 Arduino Synthesizer Shields

Hey Guys, ever wanted your Arduino to speak and tell you how hot it is or maybe even read your emails? Well, if you’re interested in making your Arduino speak or you just want to add fun to your project, then this list is for you. Today I got you some of the best Arduino synthesizer shields that I could come up with.

An Arduino synthesizer or a TTS(text-to-speech) allows your Arduino to convert text to a natural sounding human speech. Well, let’s get started.

1- DFROBOT Arduino Synthesizer Shield

You can mount this Arduino synthesizer shield easily on top of your Arduino and it’s compatible with most of Arduino boards. It supports English and Chinese. Also, symbol reading is available.

If you attach an external speaker, you can hear your Arduino talk. This Arduino synthesizer shield supports both male and female voices which add variety to your project. Moreover, this shield uses the iFLYTEK XFS505 speech synthesis chip and your Arduino can communicate with it through UART, IIC, and SPI.

It costs 42.05$ if you get it from DFROBOT and here’s the link.
I do recommend you get it from DFROBOT as it costs 57.79$ if you order it from Amazon.

2- MOVI Arduino Synthesizer

This Arduino synthesizer is actually one of my favorites. It’s kinda expensive but it’s worth it. It costs 74.90$ and it’s available on Amazon as well. it’s a Kickstarter project that took over the market in a short amount of time which shows how good it is. This Arduino synthesizer is really easy to use and it speaks English, Spanish, and German. It has a rating of 4.4 on Amazon.


3- Ginsing Arduino Synthesizer

This Arduino synthesizer shield adds speech, music, sound effects and full waveform synthesis to your Arduino project. To make it even simpler, the Ginsing library groups functions into 4 operating modes which allows you to switch between modes easily with a single function call. This Arduino synthesizer features the Soundgin IC that comes with six synthesizer voices. This allows you to create complex sounds if you use those voices in conjunction with each other. In addition, this Arduino synthesizer shield comes with a built-in amplifier that can be directly connected to a speaker or headphones. Ginsing has provided a simple step-by-step guide that is available on their website, so I do recommend checking it out. Also, it’s available in either kit ($35) or assembled ($45) and you can find both on their website.

4- Emic 2 Text-to-Speech

This Arduino synthesizer TTS module is easier to use than all of the above shields. It’s able to convert digital text into natural sounding speech with male, female and child voices supported. Well, not just that, it’s also a multi-language voice synthesizer that speaks English and Spanish. Also, you can control the speech and voice characteristics dynamically and that includes speaking rate, pitch, and word emphasis. Well, if you’ve ever wanted your Arduino to read your emails or to tell you the readings of sensors out loud, then this Arduino synthesizer is for you. It costs 59.95$ if you get it from Adafruit.

In addition, here’s a video that shows you how it works, so check it out:

5- 1Sheeld Text-to-Speech Shield

What if I told you guys that you can ditch all those shields and just use your smartphone? You can’t only use it as an Arduino synthesizer but also as many other shields. Would you give it a shot? I guess you would after you know how much it costs. It costs $54.94 on Amazon, but wait it’s worth it.

Actually, its price is pretty much similar to the above modules, if not cheaper, but it allows you to use your smartphone as many shields and sensors not just as an Arduino synthesizer. This means no more mounting shields over your Arduino and most importantly no more money spent on sensors. What’s more important is that it’s really easy to use, just one line of code and you’re done. Playing with Arduino has never been easier.

If you’ve never heard of 1sheeld before, then I highly recommend you check out their website and take a look at all the amazing projects you could do using only your smartphone. Here’s the getting started tutorial. Also, here’s how to use the 1sheeldArduino Text-to-Speech Shield.

This video guys, is a step by step tutorial that shows you how to use 1sheeld as Arduino synthesizer:

Well guys, these were the best Arduino synthesizer shields I could come up with. I hope this list helps you and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and we will reply as soon as possible.

Disclaimer| 1Sheeld’s Text to Speech Shield is one of 1Sheeld’s +45 virtual shields.

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