Top 5 Arduino Voice Control Modules

Ever wanted to make an Arduino voice control project? Recently I watched this video of a Harry Potter magic wand that you can command to turn on lights and order food!

Disclaimer: I’m not a Harry Potter fan, not a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars either! Total Game of Thrones nerd though, check out my “Shame button” Arduino project.

I was wondering what the components are, I could recognize what looks like the Arduino MKR1000 but I couldn’t find details on the voice recognition module used.

While I was looking for a suitable Arduino voice control module, I found the best 5 modules and I thought I’d share the list I have, let’s start with the first one!

1. EasyVR Shield 3.0

First and most popular is the EasyVR  shield 3.0, a voice recognition Arduino shield with a selection of 26 built-in Speaker Independent (SI) commands (available in US English, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish and French) for ready to run basic controls.

You can also record your own commands (up to 32 triggers) as well as voice passwords. Check out this quick demo video by Sparkfun to see how it works:

For more information on how to use it, check out the user manual, and you can buy the shield on Sparkfun for $49.95.

Also check out this comparison between 1Sheeld voice recognition shield vs EasyVR shield.

2. ELECHOUSE Voice Recognition Module V3

Unlike the EasyVR shield, this module does not come with pre-installed commands, you have to train it yourself before using it. However, it does support up to 80 voice commands, maximum 7 at the same time.

The user manual is very well documented and it comes with an Arduino library, check out this tutorial video to learn how to connect it to Arduino.

You can buy the module on Elechouse store for only $28.

3. Tigal SmartVR Voice Recognition Board

It is capable of running both Speaker Dependent Recognition (works with any language but requires user training) and Speaker Independent Recognition (do not require user training) available in US English, UK English, German, French, Italian, LA Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

This is an easy to use development board (can work with or without an Arduino), it has voice recognition and verification capabilities (recognizes only the trained voice). Check out this tutorial video on how to use it.

Check out the user manual for more detailed instructions, and get the board on Robotshop for $60.47.

Also checkout the SmartVR and EasyVR modules comparison.

4. Grove – Speech Recognizer

Seeed Studio built this speech recognizer that can recognize 22 pieces of commands including ‘start’, ‘stop’, ‘Play music’ and so on. Every time it recognizes a command, it will return a value and then the loudspeaker that connected to it will repeat the command.

Grove - Speech Recognizer

Checkout this quick demo video, as you see you should use the awaken word “Hicell” as pronounced in the video.

You can buy the Grove speech recognizer on Seeed Studio for only $19.5.

5. ReSpeaker Core

Another one by Seeed Studio is the ReSpeaker Core, it supports both speech recognition and text to speech, and it works both offline and online.

ReSpeaker Core - Based On MT7688 and OpenWRT

What I like most about it is that it has an extension mic unit that can get your orders from far away places and while music is playing. Check out this quick demo video.

I wrote about it before when it was on Kickstarter, although it has not shipped yet, you can backorder it on Seeed Studio for $69.

Or Use Your Smartphone!

That’s right, with our own 1Sheeld voice recognition shield, you can use your smartphone to command Arduino via Google API.

Check out my tutorial video when I voice control an Arduino Uno to turn on the light, with 1Sheeld app and board.

Also, we used in our team to build an Arduino based Amazon Echo, check out the full project details on Arduino website by my colleague Ahmed Ismail.

Check out more details on the voice recognition shield of 1Sheeld and take a look at over 40 shields in 1Sheeld.

That’s it for this list, let me know if you find any interesting voice recognition modules so I add them to the list, and share with me your voice controlled projects that you are building 😉 If you want more lists like this, let me know in the comments! 🙂

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