Top 5 Data Logger Modules for Arduino

Want to store your Arduino project’s data, measurement’s or sensor readings for future analysis?  Then you are in the right place, cause today I’m gonna list here the best 5 Arduino Data logger Modules.

Data logger gives you the ability to track your system statistically and check how it worked over certain intervals. You can also use it in many applications like sun tracking systems, GPS tracking and much more. So let’s start.

1- Catalex micro SD card data logger modules

The first one on my list is Catalex data logger module, it’s one of the best data logger modules in the value of money it costs less than $1.5.

It can be easily hooked over a breadboard or even connect 6 female jumpers to its headers and once you get a Micro SD card you are ready to go.

It’s running on 3.3v so you can connect it to a 3.3v power source or you can connect it to a power supply ranges between 4.5V ~ 5.5V and then it will pass by an internal voltage regulator to step the power down to 3.3v.

And as it’s communicating over SPI you will need to reserve 4 pins of your Arduino to be able to communicate with it.

to get starting with the module I highly recommend to check this video tutorial:

You can buy it from Banggood for $1.26.

2-LC studio SD card data logger modules

Unlike the Catalex, the LC studio module needs an Adaptor to be able to connect your micro SD card or just use a mini SD card.

There are lots of similarities between it and the Catalex board so I will mainly concentrate on the differences, this board has an extra pin where here it differentiates between the 3.3v and the 5v pins and they doubled the headers in case you want to connect the same module to multiple controllers.


You can buy it from eBay for $2.47 It’s slightly bigger in size and the way it can be hooked over a breadboard is not that smooth so for me I would recommend the Catalex board over it.

3- Sparkfun MicroSD Shield

It’s a data logger module shield which is taking the R3 shape of the Arduino and it can be fully mounted over the Arduino board, unlike the previous data logger modules.

It comes without stackable pin headers so you will need to get yours, but it has it’s pros also as it gives you the ability to place it in a PCB project and of course, the prototyping area in the middle of it is very useful when adding your sensors and peripherals.

And here is it’s the introductory video from SparkFun:

It’s communicating with the Arduino via SPI protocol just like all the SD card modules.

You can get it from SparkFun for $14.95 and you can check it’s hookup guide from here.


4- Adafruit Datalogger shield

The same as the Sparkfun shield it comes unassembled and in the R3 shape but What I like the most in this shield beside of course, that it’s a bit cheaper if compared to the SparkFun one, is that it Have an Embedded RTC module in the same shield which makes it a Data logger and RTC shields in the same board.

Unlike the SparkFun shield it works on a Mini SD card not a Micro one so if you have a Micro SD card you need to get an Adaptor, other than that you will find it’s same as the previous shield from the say of communication between the shield and Arduino to the prototyping area at the middle of it.

And here is it’s the introductory video from Adafruit:

You can get it from Adafruit for $13.95 and you can check it’s hookup guide from full documentation here.


5- 1sheeld data logger shield

And now it’s the time for our Super Datalogger shield.

For anyone who does not know about 1Sheeld, it is a board, which connects your smartphone’s sensors and peripherals to the Arduino, allowing your smartphone to control your Arduino and Arduino to control anything on your phone. So we do not need to have an SD card simply we can use our phone as a storage space.

The impressive thing in 1Sheeld is that it’s approaching to be around 50 virtual shields in just one board so adding the RTC module to the Adafruit was a great move but what about adding more than 45 shields. You can check them all here.

So, now I can log my data into my smartphone in a. CSV file and in the same time I can see the logged data on time with no need to wait till it finishes and then extract the SD card to check the readings.

I can even do much more things like sending this reading in an SMS or a post on Facebook or even send it to a web server using the IOT shield.

To get started with 1Sheeld please check it’s getting started tutorial and here is a video tutorial made especially for the data logger shield:

You can get it for $54.94 on Amazon and don’t forget to check out this detailed comparison between 1Sheeld Data Logger Shield vs. Sparkfun Data Logger Shield.

Hope you guys liked this list and of course if you have any questions just leave them below in the comments 🙂

For more lists check it out here.



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