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    Been working on this one for a while and its almost done, pretty simple / pointless thing but it saves printing paper timetables which go out of date or checking an app / website whatever for disruptions before leaving the house.

    Based on an ESP8266 which is fetching train timetable data for my local station from the PTV VIC API ( I am in Melbourne) in JSON format. ESP8266 decodes data returned from API and applies offset to convert to to local time / deal with daylight savings etc.

    Powered by a single 18650, button press activates ESP8266 via mosfet allowing total power down (i.e. 0 current draw when not active) so should last a year or so on a single charge. 30 seconds after displaying data or in an error scenario it powers its self down waiting for next button press. Wires hanging out the back are for charger input.

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