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    I purchase two units of 1sheeld. Is there a way that 1sheeld app will automatically connects the preconfigured (i.e. selected as automatically connect) 1sheeld hardware without pressing the app SCAN button?


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    avatarAhmed ismail

    Hi Mark,

    Yeah sure, you can auto connect to the 1Sheeld using Tasker plugin by making a certain task that handles opening the application+scanning +connecting to the 1Sheeld board using the feature “Connect automatically to this device” on the connecting screen which will automatically connect to your 1Sheeld. moreover, there is a function called “isAppConnected( )” embed in the library that checks if the app is connected or not so that you can handle variables initialization and starting the system from the beginning “of course if you want to, please check the documentation for the basic functions of 1Sheeld Here.

    Also, check this topic that has the Tasker plugin feature connecting the 1Sheeld automatically + the link of the project in that topic that contains explanation using Tasker and code


    Dear Ahmed,
    Thank you for the response.

    Tasker app is not free, is there any other app I can test 1sheeld to connect automatically?


    If I leave the 1sheeld apps bluetooth off, is there a way for the 1sheeld to tell the apps to turn on the bluetooth apps on my Android phone. I have incorporated the function “isAppConnected( )” in my code but if the phone app is not connected can I force the hone app to turn on it’s own bluetooth connection from my Arduino code?
    I have built a Home Security system but leaving the 1sheeld bluetooth On ( permanently connected to the 1Sheeld device) drains battery of the mobile phone within 2 to 3 hours from it being 100% charged?

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