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    I tried to use the facebook shield to post one photo to my facebook wall

    following the sms example. it keeps sending the same photo to my facebook wall.

    The problem is after i take out the facebook shield

    in my code and the facebook shield in my 1sheeld app , isheeld is still sending the same

    photo to my facebook page, which is so weird

    after i use the following code everything is ok i get a sms every time i flip my phone

    but i still get the same photo in my facebook wall when my phone is connected to the internet


    right now after i disconnect my phone from the net  i can still see the message –uploading your image!—

    i can only stop 1sheeld from sending the same photo to my facebook wall by disconnecting my phone from the net

    i do not know why


    I am so confused.


    Thanks a lot






    by the way   i pasted my code into the add code section

    but it is not working sorry


    avatarEslam Ali

    Hi abcd1324,

    You mentioned that it always states uploading even after you upload a new sketch without 1Sheeld !? Because i think the problem happens “with the facebook feature sketch” is that the condition hits several times like if the senors values goes up and down the threshold you are checking so every time it will take a decision to post the last picture in your camera folder. So in case you want to prevent this functional issue .. I think you will have to insert another shield “Push Button shield in my opinion” where it will reset the boolean flag manually and not just automatically when the sensors values go more than 250 in the X direction …

    first of all whenever you upload the sketch the condition will hit several times until you switch the UART switch to the Communication mode and that because the value of OrientationSensor.getX() will always return 0 to the condition which already meets 0 < 250 then it will always loop to the second level of condition which will already hit once unless the value of the orienation sensor goes further than 250 when you open the communication.

    So by my opinion “you may have another point of view according to your application as you may insert another shield as a helper not just the PushButton shield it just my opinion” to insert another shield you can check the following code :

    Hope my explanation was simple 😉 .


    Thanks pal


    It seems to be working. 🙂


    Hi everyone
    I am new here in this community . I wanna know about mazor facebook bugs.


    Thanks for providing this shield.


    Thank you very much pal

    It seems to be working. very useful tips 🙂


    Thanks for provide ideas.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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