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    I am sure that this was asked many times before. I just would love to re-iterate that these features would turn your product from a learning tool to actually very useful development tool and you will sell boatloads of your boards!
    As a suggestion here is an idea for the interface for using multiples of these objects:

    Call it “Paint GUI” shield

    Start out with a blank screen and from the Arduino code define the “objects” to be painted on the screen by the type, XY coordinate, field length, font, color, Value etc…

    This way you can “paint” on the screen a user defined control panel consisting of these “objects” displayed on the same screen.
    If you really want to go fancy you can have the background screen definitions for it’s properties and even multiples of these screens that can be called out from the code.

    Surely, I do not need to tell you that this would be a KILLER shield. Even if you start with a simple shield that lets print to multiple fields like for displaying more than just one set of readings would be helpful. Or a push button and LED at the same time

    I know that I am oversimplifying this but from the Arduino programming point of view it would be as simple as calling the shield (along with the existing shields you already have) and simply calling out the objects with the X,Y etc.
    Down the road instead of scaling the object screen sizes simply come up with small, medium and large screen size for each object.

    If you decide to do this shield I want to be the first Beta 😉



    Can’t imagine a better thing to start with after my vacation than your smart suggestion 🙂

    Really, Thank you for this. I also believe it would be so cool to allow users to collect their popular 1Sheeld shields in the only screen.

    And We will definitely consider this into our next development plan.

    If you don’t mind, I may email you for some feedback and more insights about this suggestion.


    Feel free to contact me.

    I have a pretty good idea how this should work and how cool it will be to be able to create a “control panel” from the Arduino sketch.


    That’s cool!

    I will surely contact you once our development team starts working on it.

    Thanks 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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