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    Luca Mocerino

    Hi everyone,
    i’ve lots of trouble with our board. The problem is that there’s no comunication between sensor on my phone (i’ve tried different phones) and the board. The only example that work is the push button. What i’ve already tried is:

    – Trace with serial port the comunication in order to print the variable from accelerometer, mic, gyroscope etc. No data exanged
    – Bluetooth is working fine as i can see, with push button test
    – I’m sure that i’ve give permission to access to the sensors from the application
    – i’ve try with two different boards (Arduino/Genuino Zero, Arduino Uno ) with the same result.

    I needed to use this with a project with a strictly deadline and with this problem i’m going to miss the deadline!!!

    P.S. Sorry for my english

    avatarEslam Ali

    Hi LUCA,

    No worries at all just follow up and answer me the following questions:

    1- What type of 1Sheeld you got ? is it the 1Sheeld+ “Blue board” or the 1Sheeld classic “Black board” ?
    2- If it is the 1Sheeld+, What type of device are you trying to connect with ? IPhone or Android ?
    3- Either IPhone or Android you mentioned that your device already discovered the board and you had connected it to the application, Am i right ?
    4- If question 3 is “Ok” so can you please make sure that after you had connected the on board led’s flashes “green and orange” every 2 seconds ?
    5- Are you sure making the UART switch mentioned in the Getting started tutorial in the communication mode after you had successfully uploaded the sketch ?
    6- Have you tried the official sensor examples from 1Sheeld’s examples from the IDE ?
    7- Finally if still after all this question things are in vain can you please make a short video about the situation and share the link in the forum so that it can be more clear to us ?

    Hope my questions helps you out, And no worries you will get your project in time 😉

    Luca Mocerino

    1- 1Sheeld classic
    2- Both
    4- I’m really sure of blinking
    5- Yes, i’m sure
    6- Yes!!!
    7- The situation is that: dowload the sketch, (i’ve tried GPS, MIC, Accelerometer, gyroscope , button , led and joystick) uart is active, the devise in connected (bluethoot led fixed blink) rx and tx blink as something is sended but if i use serial port to read values received, or let blink a led when receive this value, whever i’ve tried, nothing happen. The serial port show 0 and lad not blink. The only thing that works is a when i use push button (or joystick) and select manually the pin, but this happen independentely from the sketch uploaded on arduino.

    avatarEslam Ali

    Ok … First of all the 1Sheeld classic “Black board” works only for Android and not for IPhone so the IPhone will never discover the 1Sheeld classic.. Also Can you please share your code just to make sure?
    Moreover you mentioned that you are using the serial port, Is this the serial port of the Arduino or are you using another software serial pins on arduino ?

    Luca Mocerino

    Don’t care about serial port, i try also a simple example that you provided without any modification.

    avatarEslam Ali

    Amm .. Try upgrading the firmware from the application:

    1- After connecting the application press the 1Sheeld logo on the shields list screen.
    2- A menu will appear, So press upgrade firmware.
    3- Confirm upgrade. “and make sure that your phone is connected to the internet so that it can download the latest firmware from the server”
    4- Press back and try the examples again.

    IF still in vain i will have to ask you to share link for a short video because it will really help us debug the issue and move through the process rapidly.


    avatarEslam Ali

    Also try this example:

    just open the Terminal and the Accelerometer shields and check if the values of the accelerometer displayed over the terminal. A screen shot for the terminal will be helpful also.

    Luca Mocerino

    When i tried to compile your code …

    Arduino:1.6.9 (Windows 10), Scheda:”Arduino/Genuino Zero (Programming Port)”

    C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\acc_test\acc_test.ino: In function ‘void loop()’:

    acc_test:13: error: call of overloaded ‘println(float)’ is ambiguous



    C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\acc_test\acc_test.ino:13:46: note: candidates are:

    In file included from C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OneSheeld.v1.9.2/TerminalShield.h:21:0,

    from C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OneSheeld.v1.9.2/ShieldsIncludes.h:52,

    from C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OneSheeld.v1.9.2/OneSheeld.h:22,

    from C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\acc_test\acc_test.ino:5:

    C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OneSheeld.v1.9.2/OneSheeldPrintln.h:27:7: note: void PrintlnClass::println(char)

    void println(char);


    C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OneSheeld.v1.9.2/OneSheeldPrintln.h:28:7: note: void PrintlnClass::println(int, byte)

    void println(int,byte = DEC);


    C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OneSheeld.v1.9.2/OneSheeldPrintln.h:29:7: note: void PrintlnClass::println(unsigned int, byte)

    void println(unsigned int,byte =DEC);


    C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OneSheeld.v1.9.2/OneSheeldPrintln.h:30:7: note: void PrintlnClass::println(long int, byte)

    void println(long,byte = DEC);


    C:\Users\Luca\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OneSheeld.v1.9.2/OneSheeldPrintln.h:31:7: note: void PrintlnClass::println(long unsigned int, byte)

    void println(unsigned long,byte =DEC);


    exit status 1
    call of overloaded ‘println(float)’ is ambiguous

    avatarEslam Ali

    Ok… Can you try the sample on an Arduino UNO cuz the Arduino Zero float supported is different.

    Luca Mocerino

    I’ve tried your example with Arduino UNO, finally all work !!! Thank u very much !! What u have to do is updating library for Arduino Zero

    avatarEslam Ali

    Anytime 🙂 .. Yeah in plans no worries 😉 .

    Finally would love to ask you for a favor ? Would you be able to take a minute of your time and rate 1Sheeld on Amazon?

    It would really help us in expanding our business and develop more features in the product :).


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