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    Hi there! So I just bought myself an Arduino uno and nano, as well as a 3 axis Gyroscope. Now, I’m a big fan of Joe Barnard (BPS.Space), and I belong to a rocketry club. And I thought that a small, TVC rocket would be a fun winter project.

    I have some experience with hardware control of model aircraft, I can manufacture parts and I can create my own Prototype boards, I have also built rockets before. The hardware side for the rocket i am comfortable with doing.

    However, I struggle with coding and would like to know the best resources to use? I have seen some tutorials but they are hard to follow, I have also seen other cool TVC projects, but I am unsure if the code is any good.

    To start with I would just like the flight computer to do a couple of things;

    Detect liftoff on the Z axis and start the control on the TVC. Keep the rocket relatively straight. Fire the parachute when the Z axis drops to – reading (detects decent).

    I understand that the flying side will take some tweaking and this is no easy task. But I would like to learn to code to develop these types of rockets in the long run.

    As such, ANY advice or help is welcome. Any links, any books, anything that might help.

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